A laptop or a smart phone with a good Internet connectivity is all that you require. A good quality headset, mic and a camera helps. The classes will be held in an audio video conferencing mode and there will be a white board and screen sharing option with a facility to chat.
1. Log in to http://online.inlinguabangalore.com/
2. Click on “Sign up” and register as a user.
3. Login to the website and click “Batches”
4. You can see a list of “Free batches” and paid “Upcoming batches”. Select the batch and click on “View details”.
5. Go through the details of the batch and click on “Enrol now”
6. You will receive a confirmation mail that you have been enrolled into the batch.

Login to http://online.inlinguabangalore.com/ using your user name and password.
After you login, follow the below steps.
Step 1: Go to "My classes" on the top right hand side. Select "Group classes".
Step 2: You can now see the batch you have enrolled into. Please select "Start learning".
Step 3: Select "Start class". This will direct you to Zoom. A dialogue box pops up, please select "Open zoom meeting".
Step 4: Please wait for a few minutes for the application to load.
Step 5: Select "Join from computer audio/Call in/Dial in".
Wait for the trainer to login first.
Once you are in the classroom, keep yourself muted. Avoid disturbances when the trainer is teaching and unmute your self only when specifically asked to.

Due to privacy issues, the class recordings are not provided for any of the batches including the free batches, Private batches, Kids batches. We would want our students to pay attention in the class and not depend on the recordings.
Class recordings are made available only for paid group classes, only if any one or more students are absent and have specifically requested for the recording and the rest of the class do not have any objections to sharing it.

For the regular paid group classes, digital books are provided. For the private classes and free classes, there are no books/material provided. The students can refer to the notes in the “Library” section on the website.

Class notes are available for all the free classes.
Basic conversational practice material is available for some of the listed languages. Video links are also available.

School going children who need help in languages, college students, working people, professionals, corporate, academic institutions, home makers, job seekers and any individual who wishes to improve their language fluency or learn a new language can learn on our online platform.
Anyone in the age group of 8 to 14 years can enrol for the Kids batches. Anyone from 14 and above can enrol for the regular batches. Both children and adults can enrol in our free batches.

It’s a proven fact that learning a new language activates new neural pathways in the brain, increases IQ, improves memory and enhances decision making skills and sharpens the mind. Apart from it, knowledge of a new language helps in placements, jobs, career progression, travel, visa, university admissions etc.

Free Batches

Free batches are available for basic lessons in the following languages:
German, French, Spanish, English, Japanese, Sanskrit. Anyone can enrol in these batches and these are completely free of cost.

Free batches are open to all age groups and categories of people. School and college students, working professionals, home makers, corporate, colleges and individuals interested to learn a new language can join.

The free classes are conducted for 40 minutes duration per day/session.
French and German classes are conducted, Monday to Friday for a total of 20 sessions spread over 4 weeks.
English, Spanish, Japanese, Sanskrit classes are conducted on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for 12 sessions spread over 4 weeks.

The free batches are “on going” batches. These batches will continue through out the year. Each session is held independent of the previous sessions. So, any new student can login any time and attend the classes anytime. Once the total number of sessions are completed for each language, again the batch is repeated. So every month we will have a new batch starting and the date is announced under the batch details section.

The free batches give an experience of learning a new language online for the new students. They can learn the basic conversational skills in the language. Once the students complete the free batch, they are welcome to enrol for any of the paid batches.
The list of topics covered are listed under the batch information page. Please click on the batches and view the details.

No. Class recordings are not provided. For the notes, the students can refer to the notes available under the “Library” page under the heading “Basics – Free classes”

No. There is no exam nor certificate provided.

Payment Options

All payments are collected 100% in advance before the class start date. The same procedure applies for corporate payments, colleges and individual/retail clients.

Payments can be made through online transfer / credit card / debit card / cheque/website. Strictly no cash accepted.

For all payments made by individual/retail clients:
Account Name: Siri School of Languages
Account no: 50200044045360
IFSC Code: HDFC0003635
Branch: Jayanagar
PhonePe: 9945222123
GooglePay: 9945222123

For corporate payments and payments which require a GST invoice:
Account Name: R S School of Languages
Account no: 019784100000111
IFSC Code: YESB0000197
Branch: Jayanagar
Website Payment: www.inlinguabangalore.com/registration

Discussion Forums

Forum classes are for students who have learnt the language with us and are looking at opportunities to practise the newly learnt language.

These are open to all learners and there is no fee charged for this.

All the learners get together once a week for 40 minutes and practice speaking in the language with each other. These are like “Language Clubs”. This is also an opportunity to make new friends and continue the language practice.

The list of Forums are published under the batches list. Click on “View details” and then “Enrol now” for the forums. The class schedule and the date/ timings are listed under each forum.