Spanish A1-June-Weekday-V482020

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  • 01-06-2020

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About this Course

Course - Spanish A1-May-Weekday-V482020
Duration - 60 hours
Days - Monday to Friday
Timings - 8 PM to 10 PM
Batch Type: Group Classes

Start Date - 25 May 2020
End Date - 4 July 2020
Material - inlingua Books
Course Fee - INR 9999

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Course Content - Spanish A1 Level   Chapter 1   Point 1,2,3 Material of Inlingua, Inside the centre of languages, At the reception I are… what is this? It is the/a,it is not.. here is the/s   Chapter 2   Point 4,5,6 Nationalities, Numbers 1 to 20, Coffee break From where… Iam..I am not.. What is your name?, How many, I don’t know..   Chapter 3   Point 7,8, 9 Registration, At the airport, Customs I want..for.. your… This is Mr/Mrs.. Possessive articles my yours.. he is, they are   Chapter 4   Point 10,11,12 These are the Objects,Inside a class of inlingua, In an office Plurals,Interrogatives, Negations   Chapter 5   Point 13,14, 15 Welcome on board, presentations, countries Presenting oneself and someone else, talking about countries   Chapter 6   Point 16,17,18 Where do you work? Alphabets Do you work in a..? I work in a…. What is that? Is that a.....   Chapter 7   Point 19,20,21 Languages and living I speak.. What do you speak.. Where do you live?   Chapter 8   Point 22,23,24 Numbers and days of the week, telephone numbers and emails What is your telephone number, email address….?   Chapter 9   Point 25.26,27 Directions Excuse me where is… take a right left, go straight…   Chapter 10   Point 28,29,30 At home Naming pieces of furniture and describing a house and colours   Chapter 11   Point 31,32,33 Family and relationships Describing basic members and relationships of a family   Chapter 12   Point 34,35,36 Money Citing and asking costs of articles   Chapter 13   Point 37,38,39 Age, Picnics, What are you thinking? I am x yrs old, how old are you? Describing a picnic, and thoughts   Chapter 14   Point 40,41,42 Time Citing time and appointments   Chapter 15   Point 43,44,45 A typical day Citing typical activities of a day