German A1-May-Weekday- V492020

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  • 18-05-2020

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About this Course

Course - German A1-May-Weekday- V492020
Duration - 70 hours
Days - Monday to Friday
Timings - 8 AM to 10 AM
Batch Type: Group Classes
Start Date - 18 May 2020
End Date - 3 July 2020
Material – inlingua Books
Course Fee – Rs. 12999

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Course Content - German A1 Level
Chapter 1 
Hello ! 
Unit 1 Good day ! 
Unit 2 Where do you come from? 
Unit 3 Nationalities 
Introduce oneself, To greet and bid goodbye,  To say where one comes from,  naming continents and pose questions  Citing nationalities   

Chapter 2 
Rooms and articles 
Unit 4 What is that?  Unit 5 Where is…?  Unit 6 Numbers  Naming things and articles in daily life,  Orienting oneself  Describing things  Colors  Counting and Numbers    Chapter 3  Work World  Unit 7 What are you by profession?  Unit 8 Where do you work?  Unit 9 I work at home.  Describing Professions  Citing workplaces Describing work atmospheres    Chapter 4  Addresses and Contacts  Unit 10 What is your address?  Unit 11 Here is my visiting card!  Unit 12 Telephone numbers  Asking where one lives and describing one’s own address.  Citing addresses and telephone numbers.  Get telephonic help quickly    Chapter 5  Family  Unit 13 Family status  Unit 14 Hey look, that is my sister?  Unit 15 Do you know these people?  Giving out personal information  Fill a form Talk about family  Further relationships    Chapter 6  Do you have the time?  Unit 16 How late is it? Unit 17 What are you doing today?  Unit 18 Opening Hours  Telling the time and asking the same  Days of the week  Talk about the activities  Citing opening and closing times    Chapter 7  Living  Unit 19 Apartments and Houses  Unit 20 Furniture  Unit 21 How much....?  Describing living situations and positions  Describing types of furniture  Citing prices of articles    Chapter 8  Enroute   Unit 22 We all speak German Unit 23 Where are we going?  Unit 24 Are we at the right place?  Geographical information and regional differences  Citing transportation  Asking the way  Describing the way  Asking for help Understanding connections and transportation timetables    Chapter 9  Free Time  Unit 25 Hobbies  Unit 26 Have you planned something?  Unit 27 A trip!  Talk about hobbies  Organizing meetings  Describing picnics    Chapter 10  Eating and Drinking  Unit 28 What do you like?  Unit 29 Mealtime!  Unit 30 Dinner at a restaurant  Different food items Describing food, drink and taste.  Understanding a menu Ordering in a restaurant.   Chapter 11  Shopping  Unit 31 Do you want something else?  Unit 32 Where could I get that?  Unit 33 We are searching for a gift  Dialogue while buying in the Market Shopping in different places-A mall, a pharmacy, A bakery etc.. Buying gifts    Chapter 12  Through the Year  Unit 34 Months and Seasons  Unit 35 Weather and Climate  Unit 36 Festivals  Months, Seasons, and talking about corresponding activities.  Talking about weather and climate Dates, Festivals and Birthdays    Chapter 13  Clothing  Unit 37 What do I wear?  Unit 38 How do you find…?  Unit 39 An online order  Talking about clothing  Buying a piece of clothing in a shop  Buying online    Chapter 14  Body and health  Unit 40 Parts of the body Unit 41 Get well soon!  Unit 42 Stay healthy! Giving tips  Different parts of the body  Appointment with Doctor, explaining sicknesses and pains. Giving tips     Chapter 15  In the City  Unit 43 I am new in this city  Unit 44 Tourist spots  Unit 45 A postcard  Describing different activities when one is new in a city in Germany  Describing a city and its tourist spots Letter writing practice.