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  • 20-06-2020

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About this Course

Course - Weekend German A1 Certification Program
Duration - 70 hours
Days - Saturday and Sunday
Timings - 4 PM to 7 PM
Batch Type: Live Instructor led group class
Start Date - 20 June 2020
End Date - 6 Sept 2020
Material - inlingua Books 
Course Fee - Rs. 12999/ - (Includes Exam and Certification)

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Course Content - German A1 Level

Chapter 1 
Hello ! 
  • Unit 1 Good day ! 
  • Unit 2 Where do you come from? 
  • Unit 3 Nationalities 
Introduce oneself,
To greet and bid goodbye, 
To say where one comes from, 
naming continents and pose questions 
Citing nationalities 

Chapter 2 
Rooms and articles 
  • Unit 4 What is that? 
  • Unit 5 Where is…? 
  • Unit 6 Numbers 
Naming things and articles in daily life, 
Orienting oneself 
Describing things 
Counting and Numbers 

Chapter 3 
Work World 
  • Unit 7 What are you by profession? 
  • Unit 8 Where do you work? 
  • Unit 9 I work at home. 
Describing Professions 
Citing workplaces
Describing work atmospheres 

Chapter 4 
Addresses and Contacts 
  • Unit 10 What is your address? 
  • Unit 11 Here is my visiting card! 
  • Unit 12 Telephone numbers 
Asking where one lives and describing one’s own address. 
Citing addresses and telephone numbers. 
Get telephonic help quickly 

Chapter 5 
  • Unit 13 Family status 
  • Unit 14 Hey look, that is my sister? 
  • Unit 15 Do you know these people? 
Giving out personal information 
Fill a form
Talk about family 
Further relationships 

Chapter 6 
Do you have the time? 
  • Unit 16 How late is it?
  • Unit 17 What are you doing today? 
  • Unit 18 Opening Hours 
Telling the time and asking the same 
Days of the week 
Talk about the activities 
Citing opening and closing times 

Chapter 7 
  • Unit 19 Apartments and Houses 
  • Unit 20 Furniture 
  • Unit 21 How much....? 
Describing living situations and positions 
Describing types of furniture 
Citing prices of articles 

Chapter 8 
  • Unit 22 We all speak German
  • Unit 23 Where are we going? 
  • Unit 24 Are we at the right place? 
Geographical information and regional differences 
Citing transportation 
Asking the way 
Describing the way 
Asking for help Understanding connections and transportation timetables 

Chapter 9 
Free Time 
  • Unit 25 Hobbies 
  • Unit 26 Have you planned something? 
  • Unit 27 A trip! 
Talk about hobbies 
Organizing meetings 
Describing picnics 

Chapter 10 
Eating and Drinking 
  • Unit 28 What do you like? 
  • Unit 29 Mealtime! 
  • Unit 30 Dinner at a restaurant 
Different food items Describing food, drink and taste. 
Understanding a menu Ordering in a restaurant.

Chapter 11 
  • Unit 31 Do you want something else? 
  • Unit 32 Where could I get that? 
  • Unit 33 We are searching for a gift 
Dialogue while buying in the Market Shopping in different places-A mall, a pharmacy, A bakery etc.. Buying gifts 

Chapter 12 
Through the Year 
  • Unit 34 Months and Seasons 
  • Unit 35 Weather and Climate 
  • Unit 36 Festivals 
Months, Seasons, and talking about corresponding activities. 
Talking about weather and climate Dates, Festivals and Birthdays 

Chapter 13 
  • Unit 37 What do I wear? 
  • Unit 38 How do you find…? 
  • Unit 39 An online order 
Talking about clothing 
Buying a piece of clothing in a shop 
Buying online 

Chapter 14 
Body and health 
  • Unit 40 Parts of the body
  • Unit 41 Get well soon! 
  • Unit 42 Stay healthy! Giving tips 
Different parts of the body 
Appointment with Doctor, explaining sicknesses and pains.
Giving tips  

Chapter 15 
In the City 
  • Unit 43 I am new in this city 
  • Unit 44 Tourist spots 
  • Unit 45 A postcard 
Describing different activities when one is new in a city in Germany 
Describing a city and its tourist spots Letter writing practice.