French A2 - June- Weekday - V702020

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  • 02-06-2020

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About this Course

Course - French A2 Certification Program
Duration - 70 hours
Days - Monday to Friday
Timings - 8 PM - 10 PM
Batch Type: Live Instructor led group class
Start Date - 2 June 2020
End Date - 21 July 2020
Material - inlingua Books 
Course Fee - Rs. 12999/ - (Includes Exam and Certification)

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Course content for French A2 Level

Chapter 16

Point 46,47.48
Media Electronic media and general media

Chapter 17

Point 49,50,51
Through the year Months, seasons, dates

Chapter 18

Point 52,53,54
At the hotel Asking and booking a room in the hotel

Chapter 19

Point 55,56,57
Descriptions Transport

Chapter 20

Point 58,59,60
A good manager and a good view Handling enquiries at an enterprise

Chapter 21

Point 61,62,63
What are you looking for? Expressing Searching and finding something

Chapter 22

Point 64,65,66
The trip Announcements, reservations and
iternaries, arrivals and departures

Chapter 23

Point 67,68,69
Clothes Describing different pieces of clothing

Chapter 24

Point 70,71,72
What are you thinking? I am ok, I am not ok with...

Chapter 25

Point 73,74,75
The world Solar system, statistics and our planet

Chapter 26

Point 76,77,78
Journey in the plane Your tickets please, why? Because...

Chapter 27

Point 79,80,81
Time Participle tense

Chapter 28

Point 82,83,84
A terrible day Describing negative experiences like a
bad day at work and accident etc...

Chapter 29

Point 85,86,87
States and islands Geographical locations like north south
etc, citing demographic information

Chapter 30

Point 88,89,90
Health The body and its parts, and describing a
health issue to the doctor eg: fever, pain